Wednesday, 28 January 2015 15:50

Mademoiselle K Just Released Its New Album "Dirty Hungry Baby"!

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After "Glory" and "R U Swimming", two singles released to advertise the album, "Dirty Hungry Baby", the new album of Mademoiselle K, is finally available!

Mademoiselle K is a pure rock French band composed of three members whose leader Katerine Gierak is openly lesbian.

Mademoiselle K is known for its song describing, for example, a breakup between two women with words that some might describe asblunt, but which are in reality, direct, frank, without lies.

Hungry Dirty Baby "is my alter ego, one crying, dreaming, his life, his masks, identity, sexuality, missed love and primary instincts, beneficial wave and overflows," can we read on the singer's Facebook page.

So far, the band proposed the songs in French, but Katerine wanted to do something new for this album, she wanted it in English.

For the story, the label of Mademoiselle K refused the idea of an English album so Mademoiselle K left it, created her own label "Kravache" to offer us this album.

"My label said: "do your album in French, otherwise we fire you." I did my album in English....”

I let you enjoy the music video for the song "R U Swimming".

"I wrote this song lost in London, feet in the shit, head in the stars. Fully, completely dedicated to our dreams, this is also where all well. Love is simple. No such questions of gender, of sexuality. No judgment on an appearance that would be good or not enough." -Mademoiselle K


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