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Friday, 14 February 2014 00:38

Madonna Was Threatened With Jail For "Promoting Gay Behaviour" In Russia By President Vladimir Putin

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Madonna recently said she had been threatened by Putin if she was promoting homosexuality in the series of concerts that she would give in Russia.

The Russian president has indeed threatened to throw her in jail if she was trying to "promote homosexual behavior" but Madonna said during a concert in New York organized by Amnesty International:

"Needless to say I did not change a single moment of my show 87 of my fans were arrested for homosexual behavior -. Whatsoever"

"The right to be free to speak our minds, to have an opinion, love who we want to love, to be who we are - how we have to fight for it?

"I always got a freedom fighter since the early 80s considered when I realized I had a voice and I could sing more songs about being a girl or material to feel like a virgin.

"And I certainly paid off and I was punished for speaking my mind and to stick my neck for this kind of discrimination. But that's OK."

"I want to thank Pussy Riot for a pussy word" speakable "in my house," she added. "Now my eight years say it all the time."


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