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Tuesday, 07 June 2016 16:23

My, My, My...2016 Has Delivered The LGBT's First Official Bisexual Pop Anthem

Written by  Jody Taylor

Alicia Champion Bi


The month of June is nationally known as the official kickoff of the LGBT Pride season which celebrates diversity, self affirmation, and freedom to be yourself.

This year Pride goers might see the "B" rocking it's way to the limelight with the release of Alicia Champion's pop / rock anthem, "Bi".

A once prolific rock singer, Champion is more commonly known as the co-founder of San Diego IndieFest and the producer of Danielle LoPresti and The Masses, among other Southern California bands. Fans might remember her as the winner of VH1-'s 2004 show, You Rock With Melissa Etheridge or most recently as one half of the couple that brought LGBT fans the viral video I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus. The video, which received a quarter million views on YouTube, stars Champion, real life partner, Danielle LoPresti, and their son in the first ever same-sex family holiday music video. The video received national and international press and was praised worldwide as the new modern family holiday video.

In Champion's new music video, she ditches the silky negligee and 1920’s nostalgia, for leather pants and an electric guitar and goes rock-star sex goddess with no road rules, labels or boundaries.

The video highlights Champion as the equal opportunity sex symbol partaking in a nonstop flirt fest with different genders, races, sexualities, and physical flavors. An unabashed celebration of all bodies, the video features Transgender activist and award winning adult film star, Buck Angel, whom Champion drops to her knees for.

The official music video premiered live Friday night at a concert in San Diego and received thundering cheers from a crowd who could be seen dancing while watching. The video was officially released on Monday, June 6th on YouTube and the song was also release on iTunes the same day.

The single, Bi will be available for download on iTunes and Amazon Music.


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