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Openly Gay Recording Artist’s New Music Video Is The Conversation We All Need To Have With The Religious Right - Right Now

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As the battle between the LGBTQ community and the Religious Right continues, indie recording artist Danielle LoPresti released a powerful music video that explains it all.

Indie recording artist Danielle LoPresti released her new music video, Holy, in what will be remembered as one of the most fearful times in LGBT history with the nation set to inaugurate reality television star and outspoken businessman, Donald Trump as president with ultra conservative Mike Pence as his VP.

The video features television star, Anna Khaja («Quantico», «Silicon Valley»), as a Christian Minister who attempts to save the souls of her LGBT congregation members portrayed by real-life couples and families including television actor / action hero, John Barrowman («Torchwood», «Arrow») who appears as himself with husband, Scott Gill. Also in the video is seven year old transgender boy, Ryland Whittington, with his father Jeff and mother Hillary, whose bestselling book, Raising Ryland, was published by Haper-Collins earlier this year. LoPresti's real-life spouse, Alicia Champion, among several others also appear. The unscripted dialogue between Khaja’s Minister and the families throughout the video create a riveting debate over the heart of the Bible’s messaging.

With a new American President and Vice President-Elect who vow to rescind LGBTQ rights and protections in the name of Religious Freedom, LoPresti’s video comes as both a sobering reminder of the journey still ahead for equality, but also as a roadmap to help navigate the painful terrain of opposing religious opinions.

LoPresti says that «Holy» was inspired by her own awakening in her thirties when she fell in love with a woman for the first time. Raised Catholic, LoPresti feared as a child that God would punish her vanity for only being attracted to the handsome boys, instead of being drawn first to the substance of their character. Little did she know that lesson would be learned when she fell in love with a person radically outside of her “type,” which also put her in the crosshairs of homophobia for the first time. She says: "Here I was loving someone for all the reasons I’d learned that God wanted us to choose our mate, and I was now despised by religious people near and far for it. Yet loving her was the holiest thing I’d ever done."

"My hope is that 'Holy' will help advance the discussion with those who don't yet see the equality of all people,» stated LoPresti. "No matter how firm folks may be in their beliefs, real progress begins when we find the courage to not only be who we are in the midst of one another’s differences, but to listen and engage in compassionate exchange."

Buy and download «Holy» on, 100% of the proceeds will go to the One Orlando Fund to benefit the victims, families and survivors of the Pulse Nightclub massacre.