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Monday, 07 May 2018 00:41

Queer pop singer Frankie Simone to release her debut EP "LOVE // WARRIOR" on June 1st

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Queer pop singer Frankie Simone will release her first EP "LOVE // WARRIOR" on June 1st, 2018.

Frankie Simone is a High Priestess of Pop: the stage is her pulpit, and her message of love and acceptance is universal. All of Frankie's songs refer to our community.

"It's something I'm actively thinking about all of the time. I feel this duty, that I have to talk about it and I have to be open about it. I am so grateful for every queer artist that's being recognized for what they're doing, or for any artist that happens to be queer. And I think it's so important to have every type of music out there represented," she told Billboard.

She also wants to inspire LGBTQ youth: "I personally feel this duty that in my own music, I want to be that person that I wish I had growing up, that would've made it ok for me to feel more comfortable in my own skin a lot sooner. Like, I want to see that vision for our queer youth, and just youth in general. Like, "Oh wow, this person's doing this? That's possible?" I think that's probably the biggest driver for me. I am all of these intertwined identities, and by me being really vocal about it and really loud about it, I feel like it can only create more tolerance in the world. If people see this more and more, then it starts to become less and less of an issue."

Frankie Simone’s music exists, she says, "to celebrate every type of human." It's pop music but with a real message of love and acceptance. She will begin to share this with you as she will play in Los Angeles on June 11. More details here:

I let you discover the music video of her song "War Paint" featuring her wife, dancer and performance artist Che Che Luna. (she's the brunette)

"The meaning [of the song] is really about all of the shitty things that people have said to myself or my friends in the queer community, and I feel like it can relate to anyone who's ever felt ostracized for being who they are.

She said: "In the song, you'll hear me say "lesbian bullshit." A family member had said that to my wife and I once. She was like, "Y'all need to stop posting that lesbian bullshit on Instagram and everywhere else." I laughed, but I was also like, "I'm gonna put this is in a fucking song. Hell no." [laughs] I should've thanked her, right? Yeah.

"That kind of catapulted into me pulling out different things that have been said to myself and my wife and our friends. Things that have been really hurtful, we should be reclaiming those words and using them as fuel to fire us up in a positive way, and fuel us to be empowered in ourselves. Really, the deeper message is about knowing your self-worth so deeply no matter what anyone has to say about it. Like, having this love armor on, so that no matter what anyone says about who you are and who you're being in the world, you can stand true and proud in yourself."

Also know that Frankie has released a brand new song "Love Warrior" on Spotify!

For more information about Frankie Simone, visit her official website or follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter while waiting for the release of her first EP "LOVE // WARRIOR" under the label Infinite Companion on June 1st, 2018.


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