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Monday, 12 December 2011 23:20

RightOutTV 2011 Music Video Awards Winners

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Right out tv 2011 is the web’s first global 24-hour streaming video channel and promotional website for Out Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender & Intersex (LGBTI) artists.

During the past month, RightOutTV’s hand-picked judges have been busy scoring the final nominated music videos and the results reflect an impressive array of talent in 13 different categories.

Winning artists represent the United States, Israel, Australia, England and Austria, making this a truly global contest.

"Many of the judges reported that it was difficult picking just one winner from such an incredible pool of talent," says Tully Callender, video awards co-producer.

"It made us beam with pride knowing that many of the artists were being exposed to these industry professionals for the first time and they were completely impressed…but we knew they would be," adds Marlee Walchuk, Tully’s wife and the other half of the RightOutTV production team.

The Awards Announcement presentation featuring some of the nominated artists is posted on

Here the Winners of the 2011 RightOutTV Music Video Awards:

FAN FAVE AWARD: Melissa Ferrick for "Still Right Here" (see Still Right Here, First Notes Of The New Melissa Ferrick's Album)

Director: Stephanie Stender

BEST PERFORMANCE IN A LIVE VIDEO: Terry Christopher for "Man Enough"

MOST MOVING VIDEO: Declan Bennett for "Freer"

Director: Dante Russo

BEST COMIC VIDEO: Harry C.S. Wingfield for "Hallelujah"

BEST DANCE / ELECTRONIC (DIY) VIDEO: Shawn Thomas for "Out in This World"

BEST DANCE ELECTRONIC (PRO) VIDEO: The Young Professionals for "D.I.S.C.O."

BEST FOLK/ROOTS/JAZZ VIDEO (DIY): Julie Clark for "Courage of Our Convictions"

DIY Director: Peter Hackes

BEST FOLK/ROOTS/JAZZ VIDEO (PRO): Brett Every for "Prince Charming"

Director: Byron Quandary

BEST HIP HOP/URBAN/R&B VIDEO: Lester Greene for "Russian Roulett"

Director: Christine Pigott

BEST POP/ROCK VIDEO (DIY): Blinded By Stardust for "Cleared and Removed"

BEST POP/ROCK VIDEO (PRO): Melissa Ferrick for "Still Right Here"

Director: Stephanie Stender

BEST VIDEO (DIY): Avi Wisnia for "Rabbit Hole"

DIY Directors: Seth Kroll & Alan Cohen

BEST VIDEO (PRO): Arro Verse for "Don’t Be My Boo Boo"

Director: Robyn Dettman


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