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Monday, 10 June 2013 17:58

Sara Bettens' Band K's Choice Releases Double Album 'Echo Mountain' And 'Little Echoes'

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Sarah Bettens and her brother Gert, who form the band K's Choice, have just released a new album 'Echo Mountain' and 'Little Echoes'.

The last time we had spoken about Sarah, it was following her new job as a firewoman in a fire-station of Tennessee. Today, it is time to speak about music again.

So K's Choice is back with a double album: 'Echo Mountain' and 'Little Echoes'.

In an interview with The Advocate magazine, Sarah explains that 'Echo Mountain' is a 180 degrees from the last album K's Choice made and then 'Little Echoes' was recorded later because they thought it could be fun for people to be able to listen was they saw during a seated theater tour in Europe K's Choice did.

"Echo Mountain is a 180 degrees from the last album K's Choice made, but I'd like to think we grew as songwriters, as well as with the times. What's fun is that after 10 years doing solo stuff and working with other people, coming back together and trying to find our groove again. The two sides that have always been present in K's Choice, the more dynamic side and the more intimate side, instead of trying to reconcile that on one record we wanted to highlight those two parts of us. That's why Echo Mountain is a double album. It's like one disk on your way to work and one on your way home.

And then Little Echoes we recorded here later, just the three of us, my brother, our piano player, and me. The reason for that was we were doing a seated theater tour in Europe and we thought it would be fun for people to be able to buy what they saw. So we pretty much pre-recorded the show we were going to do and were so happy with it, it became a regular full album. So we're releasing that at the same time here."

Discover this new album with sonorities which promise us minutes of very good music:


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