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Saturday, 30 April 2011 23:08

Sarah Rose: A Musical Discovery

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sarah rose

When I left You. What a beautiful song! Sarah Rose is one of my favorite singer and songwriter. It's really special because I know anything about her. Really. I google her to bring you some informations but find nothing. She has a Myspace page but "new bio coming soon..... ".

So why am I writing about her if I have nothing to say? Simply because this girl is so talented and her songs are so amazing, I wanted to share this with you.

The first song that I heard from Sarah Rose was When I Left You. This song is actually a true story, something who happened to her.

Just beautiful, don't you think? Sarah Rose is used to sing sad songs and she knows how to write them.

Is it the first time you listen Sarah Rose? Do you like her music?

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Stay tune for more discovery in music.

Hear more songs of Sarah Rose: or buy her music on Itunesbuy her music on Itunes.


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