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Thursday, 24 May 2012 18:11

Sugarbeach Releases New Single 'Led Me To You'

Written by  Sugarbeach



Marlee Walchuk and Tully Callender of the multi-award winning lesbian duo Sugarbeach release their new single 'Led Me To You'.

Married and openly Out since they arrived on the LGBT music scene, Marlee Walchuk and Tully Callender of Sugarbeach take a look at the life experiences that lead us to “love at first sight," in their latest single, “Led Me To You”.

Winners of Song of the Year for both 2010 and 2011 on the OutVoice Top 40 Charts and 3 Pride in the Arts Awards from the Stonewall Society, Sugarbeach once again endorse a positive form of activism with their new single, Led Me to You.

"Telling LGBT stories of love has been a focus of our music since the beginning," says Walchuk, "We feel that although many aspects of our community are represented in the media, not nearly enough give us a glimpse of solid, loving relationships."

Callender gives us insight to the new single: "I am so grateful for all the experiences that I had to have before I could be ready to be in this wonderful relationship. It always amazes me how many things had to line up to make sure that we met and fell in love. It was no easy feat considering I lived in Australia and Marlee lived in Canada…oh and I was straight!"

Produced by Sugarbeach and Jim Walchuk, the song’s energy and ‘feel good’ message is pure Sugarbeach and is a more personal follow up to their gay anthems, 'Living Out Proud' and their 2011 North American Outgames theme song, 'Come On Out.'

After deciding in 2010 to support other LGBT artists by launching a free promotional website and music video streaming channel, RightOutTV, Sugarbeach have provided a platform for over 120 Out artists to tell their stories. Last year they created the RightOutTV Music Video Awards with music industry professional judges and handed out 13 well deserved awards to LGBT artists from around the world.

Callender continues: "We hope that people take away the message from Led Me to Youthat our life experiences and choices have led us to where we are supposed to be and who we are supposed to be and there is no room in that for regret."

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