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Wednesday, 28 November 2012 00:38

Tegan and Sara To Release New Album 'Heartthrob'

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The new album of Tegan and Sara 'Heartthrob' will be released on January 29th the next year (on February 11th for Europeans).


This album, of which we can already listen to a first single 'Closer' and of which you are able, since a few days, to pre-order on iTunes, will be composed of 10 songs as you can see it above.

heartthrob Back Cover

This new opus represents the 7th album of the twins. It will probably confirm the music direction than the band has started for a few years working with DJ's for example (see our article: Just for the pleasure: Tegan and Sara).

So what do you think of this first track? I like 'Closer'. It is different from songs as 'Back In Your Head' but I think this album is more promising than the precedent 'Sainthood' which, I acknowledge, disappointed me a little bit after 'The Con' which was, and still is, a real pleasure to listen.


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