Wednesday, 12 November 2014 17:58

The New Music Video Of SNH48 Was Banned By The Authorities

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The new music video of the Chinese band "SNH48" was banned by the South Korean authorities because it shows two women in behavior deemed too intimate.

"SNH48" which is the Chinese equivalent of the Japanese group "AKB48", for those who would know, recently released a video for their song "Uza" in which we see two women caress and hug. Nothing shocking and yet, many Koreans media inform that the video was banned in South Korea.

What surprises most is that recently, another band, this time a Korean one, 4L, claimed to have released a lesbian-themed video for their song "Move".

This video is definitively not lesbian in all cases-by for us, the video is described by the group as a lesbian-themed one and it was not banned by Korean authorities.

Two years ago, a television channel had planned to broadcast a lesbian series in South Korea. After the first episode, the channel has canceled the series because it literally faced a wave of discontent.

South Korea does not criminalize homosexuality but this is the only positive thing for the community. There is indeed no protection against discrimination and hate crimes, no marriage or civil union, the South Korean society is still in the grip of conservative religious groups.

"SNH48" is still on YouTube and here's the video for their song "Uza", judge for yourself how this video is "shocking"!: