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Wednesday, 02 November 2016 23:33

With The Election Just Days Away, Lesbian Recording Artist Danielle LoPresti Teams With TV Stars To Take On Marriage Equality & Religion

Written by  Jody Taylor

Danielle LoPresti


Danielle LoPresti's new music video, Holy, is already creating buzz for its controversial storyline and notable cast.

Holy Danielle LoPresti

One week after the October 18th anniversary of DOMA's controversial Section 3 strike down by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in 2013, openly gay Indie rocker Danielle LoPresti has released the first teaser to her upcoming music video, Holy, which hints at similarities to the historic decision and the debate of religion and gay marriage.

The video features a handful of stars with the initial teaser highlighting Anna Khaja from ABC's new show Quantico and John Barrowman from the hit TV show Arrow on The CW. The video was originally slated to release in late December, however with LGBTQ rights remaining a forefront topic during the final stages of the Presidential campaigns, LoPresti’s team pushed for completion closer to election day, with the teasers available the last week of October.

The song, itself is currently the leading favorite single off LoPresti's new CD, House of D, and was written by LoPresti based on her own self discovery and personal experience of being raised in a catholic family and the struggles she, as many others, faced on how religion and sexuality co-exist. Today, LoPresti is married to recording artist and producer Alicia Champion and they have a 5 year old son who they adopted at birth.

Several other celebrities and recording artists have also used their platforms to come forward with their support of Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton because of her support of LGBTQ rights and marriage equality. "One of my most sacred responsibilities as an artist is to create from my life experience- by doing so, I can create connection in my community. I’ve witnessed countless times how profoundly a personal story can affect - and even change - people’s lives," stated LoPresti.

"Holy is not only beautifully done, it is such an important video for everyone to see because it recapitulates age old questions from both sides while simultaneously opening the viewer's mind to just how simple the answers are," explained Champion.

Teasers to the video will be released every Friday on the official website and on LoPresti's official YouTube channel until the video premiers on November 18th.

Follow Danielle LoPresti on Twitter at @DLPandTheMasses and @OfficialDanielleLopresti on Instagram.

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