Friday, 20 June 2014 23:16

Canadian Hockey Player Charline Labonté Came Out As A Lesbian

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Canadian Olympian Charline Labonte, who won a gold medal during the Olympic Games in Sochi, announced she is a lesbian.

Women's hockey Goaltender for Canada, Labonté has publicly announced her homosexuality in an interview with OurSports.

"I am gay and proudly authentic," she said.

"Anastasia took me completely by surprise and I could not pass up a wonderful person like her," she has said in recalling her girlfriend speed skater Anastasia Buscis.

Of course, she also mentioned the gay "propaganda" law in Russia that prevented her from fully enjoying the Olympics:

"The idea of not being completely free during the Games left me with a bitter taste," she said.

Photo credit: Nordinfo