Tuesday, 22 May 2012 15:44

Darwin Will Held The 2014 Asia Pacific Outgames

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Darwin was chosen to organize the Asia Pacific Outgames in 2014.







The Asia Pacific outgames are a sporting and cultural event held every three years for LGBT athletes and participants in the Asia-Pacific region with around 16 sports (swimming, volley ball, badminton,…).

"Everyone knows we're a really tolerant society here in the Northern Territory," Organiser and member of the bidding committee Nicci Carrol said.

"We're multicultural, we're accepting, we've got fantastic sporting facilities and we're the gateway to Asia. We've got so much to offer, it would be crazy to consider anyone else."

"We're hoping we can get 2000 people at least. We expect because of our proximity to Asia we will get a lot of participants from that region and of course a lot of Australians coming to see the Top End."

GLISA host city liaison Barry Taylor added: "In many countries within our region, GLBT (gay, lesbian and transgender) people still do not enjoy equal human rights not acceptance, with many having to live secret lives due to fear of discrimination, family or societal rejection and the possibility of violence."

"The Outgames provides the opportunity for a celebration of GLBT lives as well as to bring international attention to the rights issues facing GLBT people within our region."