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Thursday, 23 June 2016 23:18

For The First Time, Women's Running Magazine Features A Trans Woman On The Cover!

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amelia gapin




Women's Running magazine has a trans woman on the cover of its issue of July 2016. This is the first time the running magazine honors a runner from the community.

runner amelia gapin

This woman is Amelia Gapin, 33, co-founder of MyTransHealth, a group that helps make the connection between trans or non-binary people and doctors, who is far from being a beginner in running as she has completed seven marathons.

She tells the magazine that running helped her a lot when during her transition as well as in her relationships with friends and family.

"Running gave me a place to work through all of the external things, like dealing with other people, and how to approach coming out to people and how to explain. And when conversations didn't go well - I lost friends because of it - running was a nice outlet for getting out some of that frustration," she told People.

As for being on the cover, Amelia said it shows an acceptance of transgender women in the world.

"For me to be on the cover of a women's magazine is kind of a sense of validation that other people are seeing transgender women as women."

Jessica Sebor, who is the editor-in-chief of Women's Running, said to USA Today she and her team wanted to show their support for trans women in particular following the laws prohibiting access to the bathroom. They also wanted to show that all women are welcome in the world of running.

"What we really wanted to underline is every body, every person, every woman is welcome into the Women’s Running community and we just thought Amelia’s openness and embracing of her own identity was something that underlined that mission," she said.

"There are a lot of really unfortunate difficulties and challenges facing the trans community right now," she said. "What we hope is that they see there are many of us who stand in support and we want to show that support, and hopefully that provides a bit of comfort."


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