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Monday, 11 March 2013 19:04

Nigerian Soccer Association Denies Lesbian Ban

Written by  E-Li

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During the 2011 Women's World Cup, discriminatory remarks from the team of Nigeria had appeared on the front page of LGBT worldwide magazines. Its coach had indeed declared that no lesbian would be accepted in her team. 


"Any player that we find is associated with it will be disqualified," Onyedinma was quoted as saying.

"We will call the club chairmen to control their players, and such players will not be able to play for the national team," she added.


FIFA had then been opposed to this kind of discrimination which doesn't respect its policy and sport's values.

Thereafter, one thought FIFA had contacted, by the means of a letter, the NFF officials (Nigerian Football Association) but its spokesman Ademola Olajire told BBC Sport:


"Unfortunately, a section of the media has blown petty speculation out of proportion.

"The NFF never received any letter or query from Fifa."


They also maintain that nobody never said lesbians would not be accepted in the team.

The coach had however not felt uncomfortable saying anti-gay remarks before the world cup. She even said she admitted to purging the Nigerian team of all its lesbian players and argued that homosexuality is "spiritually and morally wrong".

But after the world cup, apparently, the coatch has undergoes a dramatic memory loss because she denies to have said such matter. 


According to BBC Sport, the NFF can continue its discriminatory practices because it operates on  its own statues and it doesn't matter if they do not respect the FIFA non-discrimination policy.

So does the team of Nigeria have to be allowed to play the world cup which is a FIFA championship if it doesn't respect its policy?


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