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Monday, 27 June 2011 16:31

No Lesbians Accepted In The Nigerian Football Team

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In Nigeria, the football (soccer) female team is very happy and in particular the coach Eucharia Uche because there is no more lesbians in the team.

Since 2009, Uche had a goal: no more lesbians in the female team of Nigeria. She said to New York Times that the lesbianism was "morally very wrong" and "a dirty issue".

She said that she discovered which players were lesbians by rumors and asked Pentecostal ministers to pray for the team.

"The issue of lesbianism is common.

"I came to realise it is not a physical battle; we need divine intervention in order to control and curb it. I tell you it worked for us. This is a thing of the past. It is never mentioned."

James Peters, a former technical assistant for the country’s soccer federation, has even added:

"Having coached female teams in the US, I have an in-depth knowledge about how lesbians operate.

"When I was drafted to work with the Falcons last year, I decamped some of the players, not because they were not good players, but because they were lesbians. It did not go down well with some of the players because we made sure that neither the ‘husband’ nor the 'wife' made the team," he said.


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