Wednesday, 12 March 2014 03:26

Sochi: Canadian City Prince Albert Raises A Rainbow Flag To Show Its Support

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Since the beginning of the Paralympics Games of Sochi, the city of Prince Albert in Canada decided to raise a rainbow flag to show its support to the LGBT community of Russia.

The Prince Albert Q-Network would have liked to be able to show their support during the Olympic Games but did not obtain the authorization of the city because another flag was already planned.

A compromise was found and the group got the right to put a rainbow flag during the Paralympics.

"To be able to show the Russian community that we stand in solidarity with them, it means a lot because I know how it feels to feel isolated or feel fearful and just to show we support might help to bring a little comfort," said Jennifer Brockman, chairperson of the Prince Albert Q-Network, the group which raised the flag.

This one will remain outside of the Prince Ambert's city hall until the end of the games on March 16.


Photo: TheGuardian