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A challenge against the legalization of marriage equality by the Supreme Court of the United States was launched by a probate judge and a conservative policy group. The case was brought before the Supreme Court of Alabama, which clearly refused to rule in favor of the request.

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A study by pornographic website PornHub highlights the fact that the inhabitants of some of the most conservative states are very fond of lesbian porn.



Despite an order of the Supreme Court of Alabama and Judge Roy Moore which indicates to officials of the state that not issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples is a "ministerial duty," Mobile county officials resumed issuing of licenses, accepting all couples.

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After the Alabama Supreme Court denied parental rights to a lesbian mother, the U.S. Supreme Court could restore them.



In 1961, Alabama legislators changed the marriage law  to make the issuing of marriage licenses optional for counties, a way for them to preserve racial segregation by restricting mixed-race marriages.

Today, this law is used in the state again to oppose marriages between same-sex people.



The ex-partner of a lesbian woman who gave birth to three children just lost her parental rights.





A court of Alabama repealed the law banning equal marriage. Judge Callie Granada immediately issued a stay on her decision, pending the verdict of the U.S. Supreme Court which shall be made in June.




Thursday a new trial begins in Alabama following the refusal of some counties to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.







From next week, the marriage could be allowed to same-sex couples in Alabama, whether the Attorney General like it or not.



A lawsuit was filed against the marriage equality ban in Alabama by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and a lesbian couple married in Massachusetts. The couple is seeking recognition of their union in the state.

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