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As I told you a few days ago, a federal judge overturned the marriage equality ban in Arkansas. Following this decision, the Attorney General had announced that he would appeal it.

And well, after the Arkansas's Supreme Court has decided to cancel the ruling, the same federal judge overturned the prohibition of marriage equality again.




Unlike Arkansas, where the marriage equality ban was repealed but not stayed, it was unfortunately not the case in Idaho where the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has stayed the ruling while waiting to consider the appeal.




Friday, the judge of a federal court repealed the marriage equality ban in Arkansas saying that there was “no rational reason” not to let the same-sex couples marry, but Saturday, the State said it will appeal the decision. 



Eureka Spring will provide health care coverage for domestic partners of municipal workers.

McCance FB

To show its support for young gays and lesbians bullied, a campaign asking people to wear purple was launched on Facebook but a school board member in Arkansas, Clint McCance, commented that he would wear purple "if all commit suicide."

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