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A new challenge against the non-recognition of same-sex marriages began in Louisiana.

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A big survey of families with gay and lesbian parents will be launched in France!

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A first had taken place in Australia, and in particular in Queensland, where the name of a sperm donor will be replaced by the second mom on a birth certificate. 

Laurence Rossignol


Apparently, there will still not be the possibility of having a baby by insemination for the French lesbians. 

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After the law allowing the civil unions for the same-sex couples, the Parliament of Malta approved a new law which legally recognizes the same-sex partnerships as a marriage and which also allows the adoption. 

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The Netherlands



In the Netherlands, the second lesbian mothers can finally officially identify the children of their partners.

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Every day, when one watch the news on television, we hear about the extremely alarming situation in Ukraine. Crimea was annexed by Russia but nobody talked about the Crimean LGBT people who, at once, passed under the Russian laws?

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Valeria Tanco Sophy Jesty Emilia


A baby in Tennessee made history! Indeed, Emilia Maria Jesty became the first child to have her two moms listed on her birth certificate. 

Argentina church



In Argentina, a lesbian couple obtained the right to make baptize their baby by the Catholic Church. The president Cristina Fernandez became the godmother besides.

Tracy Dawn Keller


In Texas, a couple saw the candidature of their son for a school refused because they are lesbian. 

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