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 Christine Quinn


How is this possible that New York Democrats did not choose Christine Quinn as candidate for Mayor even though, since the beginning, all the polls always showed that she would beat her adversaries and would become the first lesbian Mayor?

 Christine Quinn



Since the adoption of marriage equality in New York, we began to dream about an openly lesbian mayor, Christine Quinn, for the city of the East Coast of United States.
After months of suspense and polls which already showed she could win, Quinn officially announced her candidature to be the next mayor of New York.


Day after day, mayors of big cities said the company is not welcomed in their cities. After Boston, San Francisco, the mayor of Washington opposes the anti-gay company and Christinne Quinn, who could become the future lesbian mayor of New York City, also opposed to it, even launched a petition.


Yesterday, New York celebrated one year of gay marriage.


Christine Quinn, openly lesbian, could succeed to Michael Bloomberg in 2013.


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