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Miroslav Cerar


In Slovenia, despite the rejection of marriage equality in a referendum, the government will support a bill to increase the rights of partners in civil union.

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Pending the equal marriage in Australia, the members of the Parliament in Queensland, an Australian state, voted in favor of civil unions.







Taiwan is about to allow civil unions for same sex couples.

rome civil unions



In Rome, all week was dubbed the Rainbow Week and was dedicated to the fight against homophobia in memory of a teenager who committed suicide after suffering from anti-gay bullying.

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falkland islands



The Falkland Islands are islands connected in the UK, although Argentina also claims them as the Islas Malvinas. With a small population of 3,000 inhabitants, it is still important, of course, a recognition of same-sex couples be adopted.

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Chile could be on track to legalize equal marriage!

Monday, 01 December 2014 17:01

Finland Legalizes Marriage Equality!



The Finnish Parliament approved the bill legalizing marriage equality.

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Finally some good news in Eastern Europe! Estonia has legalized civil unions for same-sex couples.

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In Brazil, lawmakers decided to let voters express their support or their opposition to same-sex civil unions in next October.


In Lithuania, a poll shows what the population thinks of civil unions and the results is more than negative for us.

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