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Boulder County Clerk has done everything she could to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples but unfortunately she was forced to stop by a decision of the Supreme Court of Colorado.



The Supreme Court of Colorado ordered Denver clerks to stop issuing same-sex marriage licenses. However, Boulder and Pueblo clerks said they would continue to issue these licenses.



Still an equal marriage ban repealed! Judge C. Scott Crabtree has just overturned Colorado's marriage equality ban!



Six LGBT couples have launched a challenge against the ban on equal marriage in Colorado.



So, I have the confirmation I waited concerning the challenges in Colorado. The nine gay and lesbian couples launched a challenge against the marriage equality ban in Colorado. With the result that there are from now on two challenges against this prohibition.



During a gathering, the activists for LGBT rights of Colorado confirmed that a marriage equality bill would go to the ballot in 2016 if courts don't repeal the ban.



This week there could be one more challenge launched against a marriage equality ban. It would seem that nine same-sex couples are about to institute proceedings against the amendment 43 in Colorado but the news is not sure yet.

Colorado Civil Unions

The Colorado State Senate Judiciary Committee passed the bill allowing civil unions for gay and lesbian couples.


In the state of Colorado, a bill to legalized civil unions was approved by the senate. This is only a first vote, the final vote will take place soon.


There it is, finally Colorado passed a bill allowing the civil unions.

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