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texas supreme court


In Texas a straight couple has challenged the city of Houston to prevent it from extending spouse benefits to same-sex partners.



KKDI, a leading Japanese telecommunications company that provides mobile phones, will include same-sex couples after Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward has started issuing partnership certificates for LGBT couples to let them get the same benefits as any married couple enjoys.

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united nations



In July 2014, the United Nations (UN), through the voice of its Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, announced the opening of benefits to married same-sex couples, or in a civil union, even though the country or the state in which they live does not recognize them.

Today, Russia tries to block the measure that could benefit 44,000 employees.

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Two new cities will provide more benefits to LGBT city employees.

University System Georgia


The University System of Georgia has decided to now offer tax benefits to married same-sex couples through a retirement plan.



A new challenge against the non-recognition of same-sex marriages began in Louisiana.



A new area of Mexico will allow the same-sex couples to marry.



There's a lot going on in Mexico! In this country where to be LGBT is still too taboo and dangerous, where there are more and more states which approved marriage equality, thanks to judges, and where in 2010, marriages of same-sex people were recognize in the whole country, a new advance has just taken place.



A few months ago, we followed the case of Chattanooga where the City Council had approved a measure allowing to the partners of LGBT city employees to obtain the same benefits as the other employees.

After this approval, the opponents to this law gathered sufficient signatures to block it.

As a result, the choice must be submitted to a referendum but it was not counting on the gay Councilman Chris Anderson who decided to bring the matter to court.

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