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US Social Security Administration



Same sex married couples, who do not previously benefited from all social security benefits because their state or country does not recognize their marriage and who had previously filed claims, will benefit from such services as any married couple.

Lambda Legal Deborah Leliaert Paula Woolworth



Pending the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court on equal marriage in a few days, or even hours, Lambda Legal and a lesbian couple, Deborah Leliaert and Paula Woolworth, filed a complaint against the Employee Retirement System of Texas (ERS) for violation of the constitution after it denied spousal health insurance coverage for the same-sex spouse of a University of North Texas administrator.

puerto rico


Barely a judge dismissed an attempt to repeal the equal marriage ban in Puerto Rico, a new challenge was launched. Seriously? He really believed we were going to give up?




The State of Arizona will be sued to determine whether it has the right to discriminate partners of gay employees.



In April, the group Lambda Legal and 7 LGBT people had launched a challenge against Georgia equal marriage ban adopted by voters in 2004. Now, the Attorney General of this state, Sam Olens, asked the judge who will hear the case to reject it.

Indiana love sign


Last week, we were glad to learn that, considering the bill prohibiting same-sex marriage was not going to go to the 2014 ballot in Indiana, same-sex couples had then gone on the offensive and had launched a challenge to try to legalize the equal marriage. A few days later, four other challenges were launched in Indiana!




Amber Hatcher, a 16-year-old lesbian, student in the state of Florida, wanted to observe the National Day of Silence which took place on April 20 and which is a campaign organized by the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network’s (GLSEN) for increasing students-and-teachers' awareness of anti-LGBT bullying and harassment in schools


The principle is simple: to remain silent during a day to call attention to the silencing effect of bullying.


So Amber, wishing to observe this campaign last April within her school, had required the permission of the her school principal Shannon Fusco who immediately threatened her with "ramifications"

Diane Cervelli Taeko Bufford

A lesbian couple, Diane Cervelli and Taeko Bufford, were victim of discrimination by a Hawaii bed and breakfast's owner.


A set of LGBT groups and organizations decided to form a coalition in order to be sure that protections against discriminations in schools are included in the Elementary and Secondary Education Reauthorization Act of 2011 (ESEA).


Lesbian divorces are not always equal to straight ones especially concerning the parental rights. A lesbian in Ohio lost the battle and was not considered as the second mother of the biological girl of her ex-partner and of course, as always, nobody thought about the child.

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