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Where does the LGBT community live? In Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York? In fact, it's often the American cities which cross our mind firstly but a study recently conducted by Gallup contradicts all.  

Wednesday, 21 November 2012 23:34

California Governor Appointed Two LGBT Judges

Jim humesPaula Rosenstein

The Governor of California Jerry Brown appointed Jim Humes, an openly gay judge to serve in the California Court of Appeals, and also appointed Paula S. Rosenstein, a lesbian attorney to a court seat in San Diego County Superior Court.

ex gay therapy


As we heard yesterday, a federal judge decided Monday to block the law prohibiting "ex-gay" therapies for minor in the state of California. Today, another federal judge has made another decision since she decided to deny a request to change the start date of the law which is on January 1st, 2013.

us supreme court bis


We expected an answer of the Supreme Court of United States in order to know if it was going to decide to hear the cases challenging DOMA and prohibitions of marriage equality. Friday, the Supreme Court has thus decided that it will hear the oral arguments in the challenge to the defense of marriage act in New York (see our article: DOMA Is Unconstitutional For Boston and New York Courts) as well as the prohibition for gay and lesbian couples to marry in California.

supreme court

The Supreme Court finally announces a date for its decision making on Prop 8.

 us supreme court bis




Friday, the US Supreme court will deal or not with whether the bans on marriage equality in a lot of states are unconstitutional.

supreme court

After opponents to gay marriage in California asked the U.S. Supreme Court to hear their arguments, it is now the supporters' turn to require the Supreme court not to hear the case.


Opponents to gay marriage in California have asked the Supreme Court to hear Proposition 8.

california state university fresno

In July, a law passed requiring schools to include lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders in social studies courses in California. Two collectors of literary decided to donate around 500 gay-and-lesbian-themed books to California State University of Fresno.


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