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amon mpanju


The deputy permanent secretary in the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs and Justice in Tanzania, Amon Mpanju, said that "the government will never entertain recommendations that are contrary with the law of the land and the cultural norms of the society," which obviously means LGBTQ rights.

unicoi county


Will Unicoi County become the next county in Tennessee to refuse same-sex marriages again?

el salvador



The legislature of El Salvador, a Central American country, has approved a bill that would ban the equal marriage and adoption by same-sex couples.





In the Mexican state of Sinaloa, the Supreme Court has just declared the ban on same-sex marriage as «totally unjustified".

Travis County


The Travis County Judge Guy Herman ruled the same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional.

South Dakota




A federal judge has just ruled that the marriage equality ban in South Dakota is contrary to the Constitution of the United States.



Two states, Arkansas and Mississippi, have seen their equal marriage ban overturned!!!


This will be probably the last trial launched against the equal marriage ban after a long series of challenges we have seen this year. Indeed, two lesbian couples asked a federal court to repeal the prohibition in Mississippi.



Finally, on March 26 judges of the United States Supreme court began the debate on marriage equality.

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