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Like every year, it's time to take a quick look at the situation in Europe. So what are the most welcoming countries for LGBTQ people?

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US District Judge Robert Hinkle did not like that state officials regard the marriage law as non-existent, especially because he is the judge who had changed it to allow marriage equality.

Indeed, Judge Hinkle had repealed the marriage protection law in August 2014 and his decision was to take effect in January 2015.

So he decided to regard this attempt by state officials in a movement they called "for a history of resistance against same-sex marriage" as totally unconstitutional.

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Last Thursday, President Obama was invited to the Ellen DeGeneres Show in which both President Obama thanked Ellen for her important role which allowed changes in point of view, and both Ellen thanked President Obama for what he has done, particularly in terms of LGBT rights.

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Georgia lawmakers have approved a bill that will allow religious leaders not to celebrate marriages between same-sex people.



I just learned that next year, Switzerland will decide on four bills, including one concerning the LGBT community.

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A federal judge in Georgia has signed an order that makes unenforceable the prohibition of marriage between same-sex couples.

Thursday, 08 October 2015 16:41

The Isle Of Man To Legalize Equal Marriage

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The government of the Isle of Man, by the voice of Chief Minister Allan Bell, has revealed it is going to consult a new bill to allow the legalization of equal marriage. He also said he hopes that this consultation is completed before next year’s general election.

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A new poll from Texas shows that the number of people supporting marriage equality continues to increase.

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In New Hampshire, the equal marriage has been legal since 2010, the decision of the Supreme Court will have only a very small political impact, but the attitude against the LGBTQ community will be more positive, it is in any case what has been explained by two professors at Dartmouth College in a local newspaper.

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That's it, we won! The U.S. Supreme Court legalized marriage equality across the country on this day of celebration of the first Gay Pride!


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