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pitcairn island



We just learned the great news! Pitcairn Island, which is the smallest country in the world because it includes only 48 inhabitants, has legalized marriage equality on May 15. They just share the news on the official website of the country.

eglise protestante unie france



The largest Protestant church in France just allowed pastors to celebrate same-sex marriages.

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Marco Rubio




We now know the candidates for presidential elections to be held in 2016 in the United States.

Leo Varadkar




Even if he does not want to campaign for the referendum on equal marriage to be held in Ireland in May, the Minister for Health Leo Varadkar came out, saying he wished to be considered as “an equal citizen".

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Wednesday, 31 December 2014 16:11

No To Marriage Equality, No To Big Breasts

ismail kijo


(Warning, it's hard not to laugh when reading the following lines.)

As ... surprising ... this is going to sound, a political party in Malaysia opposes marriage equality because it is afraid that lesbian partners have bigger breasts than their mothers. (no kidding)




A new poll shows that Nebraskans mostly support marriage equality.

Broward County


A new county of Florida has just repealed the equal marriage ban!

Ireland Dublin



We approach the year 2015 and therefore the referendum on equal marriage in Ireland. A new poll shows that support for the bill continues to grow.

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In Slovakia, the president Andrej Kiska has decided to hold a referendum on equal marriage in early 2015.

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Monday, 01 December 2014 17:01

Finland Legalizes Marriage Equality!



The Finnish Parliament approved the bill legalizing marriage equality.

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