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Despite the repeal of the marriage equality ban by a federal court, same-sex marriage remains forbidden in Mississippi.



Two states, Arkansas and Mississippi, have seen their equal marriage ban overturned!!!


This will be probably the last trial launched against the equal marriage ban after a long series of challenges we have seen this year. Indeed, two lesbian couples asked a federal court to repeal the prohibition in Mississippi.



Two new cities will provide more benefits to LGBT city employees.

Bible Belt Lesbian L Word the Mississippi Hate The Sin


Tomorrow will air the documentary "Bible Belt Lesbian: L Word Mississippi" created by Ilene Chaiken and broadcast on Showtime at 9PM ET/PT.

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David Garcia


For the first time in Mississippi, a mayor officially supports marriage equality!

Bible Belt Lesbian L Word the Mississippi Hate The Sin


A third "L Word" is coming! Yes, after "The L Word", which followed the adventures of a group of lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in West Hollywood, and after "The Real L Word", the TV reality project, here is now the documentary from Mississippi!

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If you re buying we re selling


Recently, the Mississippi adopted a law making it possible the companies to discriminate our community based on their religion. Signed by the governor Phil Bryant, this law will return into force in July. Certain companies already clearly displayed their beliefs by putting anti-LGBT stickers on their doors.

Only, which the opponents had not provided, it is that companies decide to make the completely reverse by clearly displaying their support for the LGBT community. Too bad!



That does not go well in Mississippi where a religious freedom law will prevent the LGBTQ community from reaching the service companies of the State, including the medical departments.

Thursday, 10 January 2013 19:23

The WE DO Campaign In Tennessee

 we do campaign



We saw this a few days ago, couples mobilize in the south of United-States facing marriage equality bans. After Mississippi, it is in Tennessee that couples applied for licences of marriage knowing they will be denied.

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