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In Uruguay, a new bill could pay compensation to transgender citizens for past persecution.




A new anti-discrimination law has entered into force in Massachusetts preventing public places to discriminate anyone on the basis of gender.

democratic platform 2016



During the weekend, the Democratic party met to work on its new platform now regarded as the most LGBT-inclusive  in history.

david long


Indiana's lawmakers had first introduced a religious protection bill regardless LGBT rights. It seems they changed their plan with a new bill, but is it really a good compromise?




A bill that would prevent discrimination against state employees based on sexual orientation and gender identity was introduced in Georgia.

kansas wichita


While a few days ago Kansas City approved an non-discrimination order, a bill to allow public and private employees to refuse to serve same-sex couples on the basis of their religious beliefs may be submitted at the next legislative session in the state.




Dallas residents voted to protect against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Dominic Chan Chi-ming



A priest of the Hong Kong's Roman Catholic Cathedral gave permission for anti-gay speech from within his church.



Gallup just released the list of the most pleasant countries where LGBT people love to live. Today, let's look at Asia as the Philippines are ranked 22nd out of 123 countries and are the best in the Southeast Asia for the LGBT community.

US Dept Labor



Last week, the American Department of Labor announced that the non-discrimination laws now would include transgender workers.


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