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The Supreme Court of Romania has made a historic decision! It recognized the marriage of a same-sex couple.

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Wednesday, 24 June 2015 21:16

Taipei Recognizes Same-Sex Unions




Taipei City Government finally agreed to recognize same-sex unions by allowing them to officially register their partnership.

Lambda Legal Deborah Leliaert Paula Woolworth



Pending the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court on equal marriage in a few days, or even hours, Lambda Legal and a lesbian couple, Deborah Leliaert and Paula Woolworth, filed a complaint against the Employee Retirement System of Texas (ERS) for violation of the constitution after it denied spousal health insurance coverage for the same-sex spouse of a University of North Texas administrator.

taipei mass weddings



Every year, the Taipei government organizes mass wedding ceremonies. So far, the lack of law, same-sex couples were not invited to be part of them but that will change this year.




Super news in the US! The Ministry of Justice has announced that more federal protections would be extended to same-sex couples.

City Union Mission


The leaders of the City Union Mission, a homeless shelter located in Kansas City, said that same-sex couples wouldn't be hosted anymore.

South Carolina



South Carolina could become the 36th state to legalize marriage equality since the Supreme Court of the United States rejected a request to block same-sex marriages from proceeding.




A group for LGBT rights in Macau sent a letter to the Chinese government asking to include same-sex couples in the draft law on domestic violence.

francois hollandemartine-aubry

Whereas Jean-Louis Borlo, who supports gay marriage, announced that he would not be candidate to the presidential elections of 2012 in France, it would seem François Hollande, another candidate, is not so supporting gay marriage and adoption for gay and lesbian couples such as he said it.

Published in News From Europe
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