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LGBT rally Paraguay


At the time of an LGBT rally in Paraguay in support of a non-discrimination law, the things straightforwardly degenerated! The police literally took it out on the demonstrators, wounding about ten people!

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Chile Movilh



The metro stations of Santiago, the capital of Chile, greet a campaign aiming at showing the LGBT community in the hope of a better acceptance. 





A new area of Mexico will allow the same-sex couples to marry. 




The ministry for justice of Peru approved a bill which would legalize civil unions between same-sex people.



There's a lot going on in Mexico! In this country where to be LGBT is still too taboo and dangerous, where there are more and more states which approved marriage equality, thanks to judges, and where in 2010, marriages of same-sex people were recognize in the whole country, a new advance has just taken place.

Zaira de la O Martha Sandoval


Despite the fact that marriage equality is not recognized in the Mexican state of Jalisco, a lesbian couple obtained from a judge the right to contract a civil wedding.

Angelica Lozano



For the first time in Colombia and even in all South America, a lesbian was elected to the Congress.

Monday, 08 November 2010 23:31

Argentina Is Still Proud To Be Gay

Gay pride buenos aires


After Taiwan last week, now Argentina celebrated Gay Pride.

chile flag


In Chile, the anti-discrimination bill has just been signed into law by the President.

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