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texas supreme court


The Supreme Court of Texas has passed a verdict favorable to the opposition against same-sex marriages.

texas lawmakers


Texas lawmakers seek to defeat the Supreme Court's decision to legalize marriage equality throughout the United States.








The Texas Senate passed a resolution preventing same-sex marriage.

Cecil Bell Jr



Although the Supreme Court of the United States authorizes the state and local employees to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, a Republican Representative wishes to stop this in Texas.

maggie letter congress


While a judge recently repealed the equal marriage ban within his county, but the Supreme Court of Texas stayed his decision stopping issuing of same-sex marriage licenses.

While 24 hours elapsed between the decision of the Travis County judge and the decision of the Supreme Court of Texas, allowing the issuing of one marriage license to a lesbian couple from Austin, but the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton asked the Supreme Court to rapidly consider the case illegal, Maggie, only 9 years old and living in this state, wrote to Congress to ask for the legalization of marriage equality and threatened it to keep writing if it refused.

Nicole Dimetman Cleo DeLeon

The couple of lesbians, Nicole Dimetman and Cleopatra De Leon, challenging the ban on marriage equality in Texas, asks the federal court to speed up the procedure.

Neel Lane


The lawyer representing two LGBT couples in the challenge which opposes the ban on equal marriage in Texas, has just filed a brief in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals asking to respect the decision of a federal judge who repealed the ban in February.

texas san-antonio


In a case of divorce between two women in Texas, a judge comes and refuses that the Attorney General intervenes.

texas san-antonio


Judge Barbara Nellermoe declared the marriage equality ban of Texas as unconstitutional in a lawsuit implying two women who seek to divorce, but the divorce and child-custody were halted by the 4th Court of Appeals.

texas san-antonio


A few years ago, I would never have thought that I was going to told you what I am about to told you so, yesterday, a federal judge repealed the marriage equality ban in Texas.

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