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This week there could be one more challenge launched against a marriage equality ban. It would seem that nine same-sex couples are about to institute proceedings against the amendment 43 in Colorado but the news is not sure yet.

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Since now several weeks we hear of bills aiming at legalizing discriminations against LGBT people. Some of these laws, if approved, would even prevent any legal action and would thus block possible challenges against discriminatory laws like same-sex marriage bans.

From now on, one breathes a little bit better in Kansas where the bill was killed, but for how long?



In Virginia, last week, a federal judge ruled the marriage equality ban unconstitutional but we suspected that the opponents to LGBTQ rights were going to appeal the decision and actually, this appeal was introduced on Monday.

Friday, 24 January 2014 00:00

First Victory For Challenges In Texas

texas san-antonio


When we approach, day after day, the beginning of the lawsuit to repeal the marriage equality ban in Texas, which will start in February, a first victory has took place.



It seems that we found the good tactics to get the right to marry in the American states because here is a new victory! A Federal judge ruled that the Oklahoma marriage equality ban violates the U.S. Constitution!



Health benefits for domestic partners of same-sex city employees will go to referendum in Chattanooga.

Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden


Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden tries to stop the challenge against the state's marriage equality ban.

Cook county


Judge Johnson Coleman of Cook County in Illinois decided to now grant the right to marry to same-sex couples.


In a letter for the President Obama, many celebrities from television, sport,… request that the US president support the marriage equality. Say “I Do”!

 hillary clinton

How Hillary Clinton could have to voice and to fight so much in favour of the LGBT community in the United States and also in front of the United Nations while being openly against marriage equality? I waited for that since years, and finally Hillary Clinton "changes her mind" and announces her support for gay marriage!

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