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Thursday, 11 January 2018 17:26

A black lesbian superhero will debut on your TV soon

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thunder black lightning


A new black lesbian superhero will debut in the "Black Lightning" series on CW.

A revolution will take place on our television screens from January 16. You will be able to follow a family of black superheroes in the series "Black Lightning".

There is the father, Black Lightning, and his two daughters, Anissa Pierce aka Thunder and Lightning. Thunder is the lesbian character played by 28-year-old actress Nafessa Williams ("Twin Peaks" revival, "One Life To Live").

At the San Diego Comic-Con, Williams said that her character is “timely and necessary”. She also added: “We need it. It’s been way too long.” Black Lightning became the first African-American superhero of DC Comics in April 1977.

And you won't follow only one queer character. Thunder has a girlfriend, Grace Choi, played by Chantal Thuy ("Pretty Little Liars"). In the comics, Grace is bisexual so she should be bisexual in the series too.

anissa williams black lightning

What's the story? According to the DC canon, Black Lightning didn’t want a superhero life for his daughter Anissa. He wanted her to go to college before considering a career in fighting crime. But the night of her graduation, Anissa hopped into a superhero costume and here is Thunder.

We discover that Thunder has superpowers. She can project energy, control density, and steal hearts. And she is a member of the Outsiders, a sort of justice league.

Until now, Marvel was more advanced in terms of diversity. You may have discovered the new Marvel's Runaways series with two queer female characters.

With Black Lightning, it seems that DC Comics wants to catch up. See you on January 16th on CW to discover this black lesbian superhero.


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