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Thursday, 10 February 2011 16:52

A Gay Documentory Not Welcome In Latvia

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Latvia sponsored a gay documentary named [email protected] by Kaspars Goba. The deputies who watch it in January did not appreciate it at all.

The documentory tells the story of 2 gays who decide to organize a Gay Pride in Riga in summer 2005 and who discover on this occasion the incredible hostility of the population. Some scenes are surrealist: the participants of the Pride receive various projectiles, energy of holy water to excrements, the families tear, the catholics are with nationalists…

The purpose of this project is to show the intolerance and the aggressiveness of the society in front of LGBTQs.

Obviously, some deputies consider that the money was wasted: "It is splendid when the artists can create something of important. But what we see here, it is that the money of the State is used to finance intellectual projects, with which the citizens don't agree" said the deputy Inguna Ribena of the Unity coalition which gained the last elections.

According to her, the rights of the people in poverty are more important than films on gays: "We cannot become a machine of propaganda" said Ilze Gailite Holmber, director of the National center of the Cinema.

However it is a good manner to show reality in this country since that points out the prohibition of the Baltic Pride in 2009 by the majority of the City Council and by the dissatisfaction of people.

The documentary will be shown in the festival of Berlin on February 16th and 17th.


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