Monday, 24 January 2011 18:17

A Lesbian Couple In The New Publicity Of Krys

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Krys optician launches a new publicity very lesbians for our pleasure.

“In our communication policy, we chose to put in scene our customers rather than stars”, explained Laurence Defaux, director of communication for Krys. “For that, we said ourselves that it was necessary to represent people of all the ages and all the sexual orientations”. For the optician, the spot is not militant, even if Krys “assumes to hustle a little those which could find that shocking”. “It is not “militant” in the direction as we don't fight actively for the gay cause, but it is nevertheless a approach which can contribute, we hope, that more people accept the differences”.

This publicity based on a series of kisses will put in scene a couple of young people, a mixed couple, between elderly people and a lesbian couple. Here is a photograph extracted from the video advertizing:

Christophe Lafarge, director of the publicity agency, the agency H, at the origin of this publicity declared: “We wanted to make a film which was the reflection of its time.”

Unfortunately (yes this is not perfect) the video exists in two versions: a version which proposes a close-up on the couple lesbian and a version without close-up. Moreover, the version with close-up will be diffused only in second part of the evening, let's just say that nobody will see it. They considered that to see two girls kissing together could shock the sensitivity of young people: “We assumes the spot", said Laurence Defaux, "but we don't want to put the parents in a situation where it would be obliged to speak about sexuality to their children at one time that they would not have chosen.”