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Actress Kate Moennig Will Be On The Independent Feature Film "Lane 1974"

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Katherine Moennig, we know for her roles in «The L Word» and «Ray Donovan», will play one of the important roles of the film «Lane 1974» directed by SJ Chiro. She joins actress Sophia Mitri Schloss («Grimm», «The Foot Picks»).

«Lane 1974» is an adaptation of Clane Hayward's memoir entitled «The Hypocrisy of Disco» which follows Lane (Sophia Mitri Schloss), a 13-year-old girl coming of age on a Northern California commune in the 1970s. While Lane enjoys the freedom of living off-the-grid with her mother, Hallelujah (Kate Moennig), and younger siblings, she craves a stable «normal" life - a life she's only seen in pictures from a stolen Sears catalog. Lane must navigate her troubled mother while trying to care for her younger brother and sister. After a series of dangerous and isolating events, Lane decides to forge her own path in hopes of finding a better life after it becomes clear her family has fallen apart.

«Katherine Moennig was the actress I immediately thought of to play Hallelujah,» says Chiro. «Working with her has been one of the great joys of my career. Kate is a sharp, incisive, and straightforward person, much like the woman she plays. She is able to bring incredible depth and humanity to a complicated role. I can't wait for the world to see a very different side of Kate Moennig.»

Just filmed, the film is still in post-production, therefore no release date has been provided by the team at the moment.

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