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Tuesday, 24 May 2016 22:23

"All About E": With A Beautiful Romance, A Beautiful Direction And Beautiful Actresses, This Movie Has Everything To Please You

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all about e



If you are looking for a good lesbian movie to watch, "All About E" could fulfill your expectations.

Even if the story is about treachery and heartbreak and it is said that this will be very depressing, "All About E" is far from a sad movie, quite the contrary!

The story takes place in Australia and tells the story of Elmira (aka E) a brilliant clarinet player who has a little abandoned her dreams to be a classical musician and has turned into DJ that spins in gay clubs in Sydney.

Performed by actress Mandahla Rose, E just broke up with her girlfriend. Trish (Julie Billington) was tired that E introduces her to her family as a friend and not as her girlfriend. In addition, E, to hide her homosexuality, claims to be married with her gay friend Matt (Brett Rogers).

One day, E found a significant amount of money in her apartment and the two false lovers embark on a road trip, the first step is oddly enough E's family. Then the duo will end up in Trish's farm.

Writer and director Lise Wadley said she wanted to make a movie that make people "happy and uplifted". Here we have a beautiful story, a beautiful romance between these two women and also beautiful actresses.

Do not expect a romance that would be too sentimental, cliché, "All About E" is a beautiful love story aptly filmed with a sex scene you will enjoy and the gay character of Matt brings a funny touch throughout the movie that make you laugh a lot.

Here is the trailer:

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