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Monday, 03 April 2017 16:04

"And the Moon": a queer musical about a woman who will embrace her desire for another woman through dance

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and the moon


Out director and writer Shelley Farmer and her team are currently working on a queer musical called "And the Moon" that follows a woman’s journey to allow herself to be vulnerable, to fall in love, and to openly embrace her desire for another woman.

Described as an original musical and intimately choreographed dance piece, "And the Moon" plunges us into a universe of seduction and eroticism beautifully expressed through dance.

In an interview with Stagebuddy, Farmer explained that the "musical" format here is a means of transmitting "an intensity of emotion that image and text alone can't achieve."

The film, which will be shot in high-contrast black and white, is composed of an entirely female cast and features four talented artists: Adrianna Aguilar, Gabby Beans, Maria Diez and Raquel Chavez.

Adrianna Aguilar is a choreographer that you can discover in New York, especially through her company TREES.

Gabby Beans is an actress also based in New York who has played in plays like "After the Dark" (La MaMa) and "I Love You, But I Lied" (LMN).

Maria Diez is a Mexican-American actress and singer who is passionate about dance. She recently appears in a short film called "The Mystery At the Art Gallery."

Raquel Chavez is a theater artist who is used to mix dance with comedy. She also sings in the indie-rock band "Rockaway (

For the moment the film is in production and needs help for its financing.

The team launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. They hope to be able to submit the film to festivals such as LGBT Outfest in Los Angeles or Newfest in New York before releasing it online.

As Farmer says so well, "women's perspectives and queer stories are still consistently underrepresented in cinema. Supporting the female artists involved with this film is a step toward creating a cinematic landscape that truly embraces women and queer stories."

If you want to contribute to this dream and allow the creation of "And the Moon" and a tour around the world, here is the link to the campaign:


Photo credit: Todd Schmiedlin


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