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Tuesday, 25 October 2016 00:04

"Black Mirror" Season Three: This Episode Four Is Totally Queer!

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Since October 21, season 3 of "Black Mirror" is available on Netflix and it was surprising to see that episode 4 features a relationship between a bisexual woman and a lesbian.

The UK series "Black Mirror" is back! Always focused on technology and our relation to it in a society increasingly dependent on its innovations, "Black Mirror", previously aired by Channel 4 and redeemed by Netflix, is well known for  pushing its spectators to ask questions.

The series follows different stories in each episode and offers different kinds of films: horror film, war film, detective story, romance,…

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Consisting of six episodes, I am particularly interested in the romance of the fourth episode titled "San Junipero" which focuses on the relationship between two women: Kelly (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), a confident bisexual girl who loves to party, and Yorkie (Mackenzie Davis), lesbian and shy, she is quite the opposite of Kelly. When the two girls meet in a bar in the beachside town of San Junipero, they are instantly attracted to each other. Things begin to be a little complicated after a while because Yorkie is still married to a man and Kelly seems unwilling to engage in a serious relationship....

Unlike other Black Mirror episodes, this episode is much warmer and human than the others because it focuses on the emotional lives of the two characters.

The series will continue for a season 4 in which lesbian actress Jodie Foster will direct an episode.

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