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Saturday, 04 August 2018 21:18

Cartoon series Steven Universe featured a proposal between two queer female characters

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Cartoon series Steven Universe featured a proposal between two women in episode five entitled "The Question".

Steven Universe is the story of a pair, Ruby and Sapphire, who used to merge to become a character called Garnet.

And in this episode five, after an argument with Sapphire, Ruby confesses to Steven that she can't imagine living without Sapphire.

“I had a lot of fun today, but the whole time I kept thinking about how much more fun I’d have if I were with her. Sapphire was always there with me," she says.

“I feel her smile just like it was mine. It’s so lonely now. I came here to be my own gem, but I’m still thinking about what she’d like all the time.

“If I’m making my own decisions, then I’ll decide I want to be with Sapphire.”

The pair reconciles and Ruby choose this moment to asks: “Sapphire, will you marry me?”

Sapphire replies, "Of course."

The pair is kissing. No kidding!

“You can’t wait until kids have grown up to let them know that queer people exist," the show's creator, Rebecca Sugar, recently said.

“There’s this idea that that is something that should only be discussed with adults — that is completely wrong. If you wait to tell queer youth that it matters how they feel or that they are even a person, then it’s going to be too late!”

Steven Universe made history by featuring a proposal between two queer female characters.

I would have loved to have cartoons with female characters who kiss and get married when I was a kid.


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