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Thursday, 27 July 2017 22:19

Charlize Theron addresses the importance of the hot lesbian sex scene in "Atomic Blonde"

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"Atomic Blonde" is soon to appear in theaters and on this occasion, the main actress of the film, Charlize Theron, addressed the importance of the hot lesbian sex scene in the film.

The film follows Lorraine Broughton, an agent of the MI6, the equivalent of the CIA in the UK. During this film, Lorraine has a sexy encounter with Delphine, played by French actress Sofia Boutella.

At the SDCC2017, Charlize Theron said the love scene is important, both for the narrative and for the dynamics of her character. Indeed, from the start of the film, we understand that Lorraine has trouble connecting with other people except when she meets Delphine. She lets her guard down and is vulnerable.

"This movie is furthered more than if she'd had a relationship with a man," Theron said. "The one time she struggles with humanity and vulnerability is in that scene, so... I'm happy that it's not with a man. I'm happy there's not one place in this movie that it's because of a man that she has to deal with her brokenness. We're trying to break rules here. I love me a lovemaking scene with a man. I love it in my real life. So I've got nothing against that. But I think it was good for this movie."

Charlize Theron also reiterated the importance to represent the LGBT community with this bisexual character.

"I like that people appreciate it. Even though we wanted to make provocative choices for this film and have it live and breathe... we really tried to take this genre and turn it on its head. Putting this movie aside, I just feel that this [LGBTQ] community is not represented the way that it should be in films. Actors are always talking about reflecting society in media, but if we're gonna do that, we should really do that. I could have hooked up with a guy, but it's great that I hooked up with a girl. I'm proud of that," Theron added.

Sure it's cool to see an LGBTQ character who is treated with respect and who is not secondary.

"Atomic Blonde" will be released on July 28th. More release dates here:

You can watch the trailer just right here:


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