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Monday, 26 February 2018 23:33

Melonie Diaz to play the lesbian sister in the Charmed reboot

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melonie diaz


Melonie Diaz will play Mel Pruitt, the lesbian character in the reboot of "Charmed".

Melonie Diaz has played in TV series and movies like "Fruitvale Station". She plays alongside Charlize Theron in an upcoming action comedy entitled "Gringo".

And Melonie Diaz has already played a lesbian in queer film "Itty Bitty Titty Committee" directed by lesbian director Jamie Babbit.

In the rebbot, her character, Mel, is a “strong-willed feminist” lesbian woman in her twenties. After a serious accident, anger will isolate her from her family and her girlfriend but she will discover her magical powers. Like Piper in the original version of the series, Mel can stop time.

The CW has described the reboot as “fierce, funny and feminist.”

Actress Melonie Diaz will play the lesbian sister. Sarah Jeffery has just been chosen to play the role of the youngest one, Madison. The mystery remains for the third sister.


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