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Friday, 09 February 2018 00:08

"Charmed" reboot to feature a lesbian character

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The CW plans a reboot of TV series "Charmed" that will feature a lesbian character. So two more queer characters on TV! The former actresses don't like the project at all.

There will be three sisters with different profiles: Mel, Madison, and Macy. Written by Jessica O’Toole and Amy Rardin (Jane the Virgin), the reboot is described as “a fierce, funny, feminist reboot” centered on “three sisters in a college town who discover they are witches.”

This new version of the series will be broadcast on CW.

According to TVLine, Mel Pruitt is a strong-willed feminist lesbian, who feels deeply and is a bit controlling. Mel is in her mid-20s and is the sister of Madison. In the wake of a tragic accident, the grieving Mel becomes angry, defiantly unkempt, even violent, pushing away those who might help her, including her girlfriend, Detective Soo Jin. Yep, she has a girlfriend! Mel’s power is time-freezing.

The other two sisters are described like this:

  • Macy is a witty, intense science nerd in her late 20s. She is a Ph.D. in quantum physics who’s moving with her boyfriend Galvin to Hilltown, Michigan, to work in the university lab. Macy has reason to believe that she is the sister of Mel and Madison. Her power is telekinesis.
  • Madison Pruitt is Mel’s younger sister (she’s 18-ish), an athletic (pilates, cheerleading) college student pledging a sorority. Madison is the opposite of her feminist sister with a desire to fit in. Madison is horrified to learn she is a witch. She can hear people’s thoughts.

The reboot seems different from the original series. Former actresses Holly Marie Combs and Shannen Doherty both criticized the CW.

Whether we find the "Charmed" we have known, two new queer female characters are in preparation, Mel and her girlfriend. And the script is written by two women. It's not so bad for now.


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