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Sunday, 06 July 2014 01:33

Danielle Earle To Release Her Lesbian Feature Film 'Lover's Game'

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Lovers Game






The producer and director Danielle Earle will soon release her lesbian film "Lover's GameLover's Game" with actresses Crawford Collins, Miranda McCauley and actor Blaine Pennington.

Danielle Earle

Danielle Earle, who is best known for her award for the web series "Brooklyn Is In LoveBrooklyn Is In Love," present us this time a story marked by seduction and emotional conflicts.

According to Danielle, "Lover's Game" tells the story of Annabella (Crawford Collins) and Vincent (Blaine Pennington), a wealthy couple living in New York City.  They want to have a child but soon discover that children will never be a possibility in their future, this anguish begins to affect their marriage.

Unexpectedly, Annabella meets an artist named Gillian (Miranda McCauley); a seductive, exotic, lesbian painter who changes her whole perspective on her future plans with Vincent.  Soon, Annabella and Gillian's relationship becomes closer and causes a roller coaster of emotions. Betrayal and seduction lead Annabella to her breaking point and to an unanticipated ending.

Between rupture and seduction, between disappointment and a new love, "Lover's Game" will not leave you indifferent.

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