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Tuesday, 01 November 2011 00:42

Do People Watch LGBT On TV?

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In a first chapter, we had seen that, unfortunately, TV series having LGBT characters are in fall. Except for a few series like True Blood, our TV screens are not very lesbian and we are there watching programs, all straight. In the absence of being able to be in raptures about superb and sexy lesbians, let's take a look on people watching LGBT series.

All starts with the audience, more LGBT series will have an important audience more one can think that TV channels will invest in LGBT programs.

According to Nielsen, these series garnered 28% of broadcast primetime TV viewing. It's actually better than before.

I think the problem is that TV channels don't understand what we want. I mean don't you want to watch a 100% LGBT show or do you prefer to continue to watch straight programs with a few LGBT characters here and there?

Then there is another problem, teenagers and female 50+ (LGBT and straight).

Still according to Nielsen, people who watch the most TV series are the teenagers. So attention, it doesn't have to have too much sex and too many LGBT characters!

Generally, TV channels say this amazing sentence : "It is not our role to learn sexuality to teenagers but their parents" which means : "we cannot develop LGBT series".

And then, it would seem that women, 50 years old and more, enjoy watching reality and I don't know if it is the case in your country but for me, that means gays. There is always a gay in reality but where are the lesbians?

As a result, us, 18 to 49, what are we supposed to watch?

Of course, we also like TV series and reality as you can see below but are you watching for the 78th time The L Word as I do?


Sure, we want this:

The-L-Wordbad girls helen nikkisugar rush


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