Monday, 24 July 2017 23:13

Eight out women nominated for an Emmy in 2017

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This is probably a record to see eight openly LGBTQ women nominated for the Emmy this year.

These women are:

  • Ellen Page for "Gaycation"
  • Lena Waithe for "Master of None"
  • Samira Wiley for her role in "Handmaiden’s Tale"
  • Shannon Pursuer ("Stranger Things")
  • Kate McKinnon ("SNL")
  • Laverne Cox for her character in "OITNB"
  • Lily Tomlin for her role in "Grace & Frankie"
  • Evan Rachel Wood ("West World")

As you can see, we have lesbian, bisexual and transgender women. It's great to see women from the community who are recognized for their talent and their work in TV series.

Actress Mindy Sterling has also been nominated in the Best Actress category for her role in the web series "Secs & Execs" produced by Tello Films, the company run by queer women. For more information, see our article on "Secs & Execs" here:

Photo of Laverne Cox: Luke Fontana